Penny Brown, Abacus Laundry

Abacus Laundry – The commercial laundry you can count on

Abacus Laundry was set up by a dedicated hotelier who despaired at ever finding a laundry who could deliver the exacting standards required by high quality hotel.

Penny Brown has worked for some of the best hotel brands, including Raffles Hotels, and understands the value of precision and quality when it comes to hotel linen. “There is nothing like a pristine white tablecloth with a beautifully folded napkin! Same with bedtime, getting into beautifully ironed, good quality, soft cotton sheets is a real treat. It is the attention to details like this which can elevate a hotel above it’s competitor”.

Towels delivered to your hotel by Abacus Laundry
towels next to sink
Bed with Fresh Towels
Bath with Fresh Towels
Abacus Laundry
Hotel Bed Linen Maid Service after Cleaning


Abacus Laundry has state of the art equipment and all items are hand finished. This allows for any rejects to be removed from circulation prior to delivery.

This saves the restaurant and housekeeping teams valuable time exchanging items during set up process.


Delivery schedules are agreed to suit customer needs. Abacus Laundry supports the environment and has a new electric delivery vehicle.

Pristine table linen from Abacus Laundry

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ABACUS LAUNDRY offers a rental and laundering service. If you would like a quote please contact us:

07719 980723